The Inn on St. Ann also features the Marie Laveau Annex, a hotel property too rich to abandon the name it has carried for decades. This Creole Cottage was once owned by the famed voodoo priestess of New Orleans, Marie Laveau, whose services were sought by the rich and poor, black and white, for everything from court cases to affairs of the heart. Inside the main house, you'll find enchanting interior spaces accented by the exposed brick foyer and grand staircase. Each of our 16 guest rooms has been consistently restored with traditional finishes, yet each showcases its own exclusive features with a collection of fireplaces and unique architectural details. Carefully restored with traditional finishes, each of the 12 guest rooms in the Marie Laveau Annex tells its own story. Much like the voodoo queen, the property attracts visitors and guests of all sorts: The curious and casual, the believers and non-believers. Those seeking a quiet stay or those with the hopes of experiencing the mystical spirit. The Marie Laveau Annex is located just across the street from the Inn on St Ann.