Saturday Night Cartoons: Make it X-Messy

calendar_todayDecember 12 2019 10:30 PM - December 13 2019 12:30 AM
attach_money$10 at the door


HEY THERE BOIS AND GRRLS! Remember waking up Saturday and having no responsibilities other than pouring your favorite cereal and plopping down for a few hours of your favorite cartoons? Remember getting those ads from the departments stores in the mail and looking through them for the gifts you wanted that holiday season? Let US bring you back to those CRRRAZZZY DAYS as we pack your TV lineup FULL of numbers inspired by some of YOUR FAVORITE animated heroes...and maybe even a few villains We're ditching the OLD SCHOOL format to bring you a show PACKED full of creativity and EXCITEMENT. WITH - DEBBIE WITH A "D" (Joey Bean) - DRU LALA (Andrew Fountain) - HEXXORSIS (Christopher Wayne Grim) - NEBULA OMEGA (Glenn Andrew) - SAINT S. (Stella S. Clairvøyant) - VELMA BLAIR (Mint Bryan) - VERSULA BOTTOM (Casey Coleman Fleming) - VIRGINIA SLIMJIM (Ginny Peck) For table reservations contact us at

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